Reading AC offer a variety of coaching sessions at different times in the season. Sessions are open to members at a cost of £2.50 per session. Different coaches and disciplines may also have different session schedules.



The main club training sessions take place at Palmer Park on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 5.30 pm and 8 pm. The exact start time of a session will be set by the coach. The club use the entire track and some endurance athletes will also run in the park and surrounding area. Parents can watch from the stands or can enjoy refreshments from the club house.

There is also an additional session for younger athletes on Friday evenings between 5.15 pm and 6.15 pm



Some coaches offer an additional session on a Sunday morning at Palmer Park between 10AM and 12PM. Please check with your coach about Sunday sessions. The club house is not always open on at Sunday morning sessions.




During the winter evenings many coaches opt for running indoor training sessions. Typically these will take place at local schools. Your coach will advise you when and if this will be a part of your programme.