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The Alder Valley League (AVL) is a local league for U11 all the way to U17. In addition to A & B athletes scoring points for the club, every competition event is open to non-scoring athletes. This gives new athletes the chance to get officially recorded performances to start their journey through the club team structure.


Boys: Adie & Nicola Bradshaw
Meryl Austin / John Bayley
Caroline Eames

British Athletics League

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The British Athletics League (BAL) is the UK's top competition for senior men. Competition is open to Seniors and U20s (U17s who have achieved AAA standards may also compete). We currently compete in Division 4.

Manager: Dwayne Stoddart

Southern Athletics League

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The Southern Athletics League (SAL) is the area track and field league for clubs in the South of England Athletics Association (SEAA) region. Competition is between joint (male & female) teams and is open to U17s, U20s and Seniors. In addition to A and B athletes scoring points for every club, every competition is open to non-scoring athletes. We currently compete in Division 2 West.

Manager: Kevin Cranmer

Southern Veterans League

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The Southern Veterans League (SVL) is league for our active veterans team. The team competes in all levels of veteran competition for 35-70+.  In addition to A and B string athletes in the various age groups, non-scoring athletes are encouraged.

Manager: Sue Francis

UK Women's League

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The UK Women's League (UKWL) is the UK's top competition for senior women. Competition is open to Seniors and U20s only. We currently compete in Division 3.

Manager: Rob Tan



The Youth Development League (YDL) is UK's the top competition for U13-U20 athletes. We compete in both the U17/20 Upper Age Group (UAG) and the U13/15 Lower Age Group (LAG). Reading AC currently competes in the Premier divisions in both age groups and were UK National Champions in the Lower Age Group in 2018.

LAG Managers:

Boys: Charlotte Webb
Sarah Ball

UAG Managers:

Men: Charlotte Webb
Melody Batt & Kirsty Walker